Well well well, look what the shoggoth dragged in.

How your data is used


You can disable analytics by blocking the domain umami.lookwhattheshoggothdraggedin.com.

Analytics are implemented with a self-hosted instance of umami.

This is the data I can see.

Anonymous analytics are recorded on every page view, and may in the future be recorded on specific events of interest. If I implement that, the events will be listed here.

No PII is collected. No cookies are used. And no cross-site tracking is done.


You can disable comments by blocking the domain commento.lookwhattheshoggothdraggedin.com.

Commenting is implemented with a self-hosted instance of commento.

This is what the comments look like.

Comments may be left anonymously; by creating an account with an email address and password; by linking to a Google account; or by linking to a Twitter account.

If you log in to leave a comment, a cookie containing a session ID is stored.

Unless anonymous, the name of the author of a comment is displayed publicly. If you left a comment with Twitter, it will link to your profile.

Email addresses are not shared.