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Traveller Cheatsheets

In my How to Learn a New System post, I said that I like to make cheatsheets before embarking on a full campaign, and I gave a cheatsheet I’d made for Traveller as an example.

This post has an updated version of that sheet, and all my other Traveller sheets. I’ve been using these for a few months now (except for the space piracy one, which is fairly new), and these are the first things I get out when sitting down to run a session.

These sheets are for Mongoose Traveller 2e, using the pre-2022-update rulebook. I don’t think the 2022 core rulebook update significantly changed anything, but if you have that you should double-check before using these.

The Sheets

Basics, covering:

  • Checks (with the optional luck rule from the Traveller Companion)
  • Combat
  • Damage
  • Healing
  • Common weapon traits
  • My house rules for healing and rumour gathering

I know this more or less off by heart now, I don’t need to look at it much. But it’s handy to have open just in case.

And here is a version without the house rules.

Spacecraft, covering:

  • Common skill checks
  • Skimming fuel from gas giants
  • Running costs
  • Jump travel and misjumps
  • Damage and repairs
  • Common travel times
  • The challenges of being in space: zero-G, life support, and exposure to vacuum and radiation
  • Space combat (including the critical hits table and examples)

This one is three pages. Not ideal, but I refer to it all frequently.

Universal World Profile (UWP), covering:

  • How to read a UWP
  • Starport qualities, berthing and fuel costs, and facilities
  • Trade codes
  • Travel zones

I mostly use this for the list of berthing costs. I’m using the official Traveller setting in my campaign, so I can use the excellent travellermap.com, rather than needing to decode UWPs myself.

Piracy, a recent addition based on the Pirates of Drinax books, covering:

  • Common skill checks
  • Lists of random ships by type
  • Attacking other ships: distress signals, morale, and looting times
  • Piracy response from local world governments
  • Piracy response from the Third Imperium and Aslan Hierate
  • Refuelling times
  • Stealing ships
  • Transferring cargo in zero-G
  • NPC crew: salaries, morale, and dividing the spoils

Also a three-pager, but the third page just covers NPC crew, and which I don’t expect to need to refer to very frequently.